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Iyengar Yoga with Chris Nirvano

Christianne Nirvano holds a degree in Physical Education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Chris has studied several Yoga and meditation techniques in Brazil, India, Nepal, USA and Italy.

She has been teaching Physical Education for more than 30 years and the last 23 years she has been teaching Yoga.

Chris starts to teach Yoga in Brazil, after in Finland and in Italy. In 2005 she went to Florence to study Iyengar®Yoga with Gabriella Giubilaro. 

Now Chris returned to Brazil and she teaches weekly classes in Florianópolis, she organizes workshops and yoga retreats in different countries and conducts group and individual classes in English, Italian and Portuguese.

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Chris Nirvano

In Rio de Janeiro Chris introduced yoga in several gym clubs, yoga and dance studios. Chris guided and inspired students and teachers in her group and individual classes. 

Chris has her university certificated recognized from the Finnish government and she has been selected to teach yoga in the adult institute Petra kansalaisopisto under Finnish government. Chris also has teaching in several yoga studios in Finland and has guiding students during private classes. 

In Italy Chris was invited to teach at Istituto Iyengar®Yoga Firenze.