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Yoga Personal Training 

Private classes are designed specifically for you.

Private classes are great for beginners and for students who want to deepen their personal practice.


  • Help to heal injuries
  • Improve integration between breath and movement
  • Develop balance, strength and flexibility
  • Support training for athletes
  • Increase mental focus
  • Relieve stress by calming the nervous system

The prices for private classes are based upon location and length of the class. The classes can be from 1 hour till 2 hours. They are held at the yoga studio or at your own home. Discounted rates are available for multiple session packages.


Mr Iyengar explains:

"The yoga technique teaches to recover quickly eliminating stiffness, tiredness and weakness." 

"Healthy is the delicate balance in the harmony of the body, mind and spirit where physical disabilities and mental distractions have vanished." 

"When stability becomes a habit, maturity and clarity follow."


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