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Iyengar Yoga

with Chris Nirvano

Alignment of the bones and joints leads to better balance with less work of the muscles. In this way we gain more stability in the asanas with less effort. Proper alignment improves circulation, creates inner space (literally in the joints), and brings a balanced flow of energy through the whole body, which leads to health and well being. Attention to alignment in yoga is much more than making a list of points to remember while performing asanas. It is about developing a body awareness that reaches into all aspects of life.

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About alignment

"The balanced distribuition of the energy and the uniform flow of the intelligence in the pyisical structure till their limit in each asana is what I understand about alignment. The awareness should expand uniformly for whole body through the head and the point of view of the asana. Alignment is to have balance between the flow of the energy and of the intelligence to unity the body to the mind". (B.K.S.Iyengar)